About the Vlerick shop

The Vlerick shop is managed by UniGear Belgium, part of Quintessence Business Development. UniGear is a specialist in sustainable merchandise for educational institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. We help educational institutions to express their identity through merchandise in a sustainable and social way and to bring people together.

At UniGear we believe in merchandise for a better world. In the merchandise industry, every year many products are made that have a negative impact on the environment and are often thrown away, causing pollution to the world around us. At UniGear we believe that merchandise should be made more sustainable. We want to reduce the use of raw materials and materials that cannot be reused, and increase the use of recycled materials. We also work with several local partners, such as sustainable and social entrepreneurs and people with a labor market disadvantage. Read more about sustainability here.

Do you have a special product request or aren't you able to find the product you are looking for? Please contact us or visit our custom made website for inspiration and cost estimate request on products in addition to our standard assortment. We are happy to help you.


Unigear Belgium

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